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Free Pattern: Froggy Chair 

Hello all!

As part of a Stay Home movement, I have decided to release a free pattern for Animal Crossing's viral Froggy Chair meme.

I also have a few series of patterns coming up for everyone to kill some time at home.

Let's all spread the love for crochet during these tough times! 😄



Only for personal use, not for commercial use.

If I find out anyone who's selling this chair with the exact pattern I made/ claiming as theirs, you will be hunted down. Mark my words (ಠ益ಠ╬)

Difficulty level: intermediate


(For crocheters who already knew how to make a magic circle, single crochet, increases and decreases.)


-Green yarn (preferably dark green, or light green for pastel variant)

-Light green yarn for cushion (or pale yellow if you're making a pastel variant)

-6mm eyes/ dark blue felt

-Red felt

-2.5mm crochet hook

-Sewing needle



Back rest:

Chain 11, sc10 for 20 rows.

Fold into half and sew all edges.


Eyes (make 2):

Magic circle 4, inc in every st (8)


Circular seat (make 2):

Magic circle 6

Inc in every st (12)

(Sc 1, inc 1) x 6 (18)

(Sc 2, inc 1) x 6 (24)

(Sc 3, inc 1) x 6 (30)

Join these two pieces by sewing the edges around.

Cushion (in light green/yellow):

Magic circle 6

Inc in every st (12)

(Sc 1, inc 1) x 6 (18)

(Sc 2, inc 1) x 6 (24)


Legs (make 4):

Row 1: Magic circle 8

Row 2-4: sc around (8)

Row 5: Sc 2, dec 1 (6)

Row 6-7: sc around (6)


Assembling the furniture:

Cushion and circular seat part: sew cushion onto the middle of circular seat.

Back rest and seat part: sew back rest along the edges of the seat.

Eyes and back rest part: sew eye parts at the edges of the top of the back rest.

Legs: Sew onto the base of circular seat like this.

Facial features: Add 6mm eyes in dark blue (or felt) , cut a mouth with red felt in momorave's trademark derpy smile.


Tada! Your new furniture is done!


Do tag me in your creations on Instagram if you have tried my pattern!





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