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Free Pattern: Tracetogether Character Pouch

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Hello all!

Since National Day is sort of cancelled again this year, I have came up with a tutorial for crochet character Tracetogether pouches so that you can try making them at home! 🇸🇬💖

Tracetogether is a device for COVID-19 contact tracing purposes that all Singaporeans are given, and it works like a train pass whereby you have to *tap* this token at a gantry before entering shopping malls/shops/other places of attractions! It comes in various shapes and designs as shown above.

My Tracetogether token is Type D (oval), so this tutorial will be catered to that model. We are going to make Neko from Sumikko Gurashi! 🐱



Only for personal use, not for commercial use or sales.

If I find out anyone who's selling this pouch with the exact pattern I made/ claiming as theirs, you will be hunted down. Mark my words (ಠ益ಠ╬)

Difficulty level: Beginner/ intermediate (for embroidery portion)

🍑🍑 🍑

-For crocheters who already knew how to make a magic circle, single crochet, increases and decreases.

-Some experience in embroidery required.


-Tracetogether token for reference

-Crochet hook of 2.5mm

-8 ply yarn of desired character colour

-Stitch marker


-Needle for threading

-Embroidery thread of desired colour (for eyes and mouth)

-Some tea and snacks (to nomz on while you work on the tutorial)



Magic circle: check out my tutorial at

sc: single crochet (x)

inc: increase (v)

dec: decrease (^)


Base Pouch (oval)

First piece of pouch

Row 1: chain 7, sc 6

Row 2: Inc 1, sc 4, inc 1 (8 scs on this side), Inc 1, sc 4, inc 1 (8 scs on this side)



Row 3: Inc 1, sc 2, inc 1 at each rounded end forming an oval, sc 1 along long edge


x x

x x


Row 4: Inc 1, inc 1, sc 2, inc 1, inc 1 at each rounded end forming an oval, sc 1 along long edge


x x

x x


Row 5-6: sc around


x x

x x


Second piece of pouch

Row 1-5: same as 1st piece of pouch

End piece at row 5


Sew the both pieces together by using your token as reference to get the correct shape. Do not sew the 2 pieces completely together!

Leave a 4cm gap at the top of the oval so that your token can fit into the pouch snugly.



Row 1: magic circle 3

Row 2: Inc in every stitch (6)

Row 3: sc around (6)

Fasten off

Make 1 ear in cream and 1 ear in brown!

Sew at the top of the pouch at the edges as pictured above.

Eyes and mouth


Using white yarn, embroider as pictured horizontally in an oval shape, with the tip of the mouth at the 4th row from the top of the base pouch.


Using embroidery thread in dark brown, embroider 1 stitch away from mouth as pictured. Do the same for the other eye.


Using embroidery thread in dark brown, embroider a small dot at the tip of the mouth.


Using embroidery thread in dark brown, embroider 2 stripes at each side of the face.


Chain 2, Sc 2 in stitch, slip stich in same stitch to finish off. Make 2 pieces. Sew 3 rows away from eyes.



Neko has 2 patches at the back and 1 patch at the front. Sew the following pieces on the base pouch as pictured above

Big patch (make 1 in light brown)

Row 1: chain 4, sc 3

Row 2: inc in each st (6)

Row 3: sc along (6)

Row 4: sc along (6)

Row 5: dec x 3 (3)

Small patch (make 1 in light brown, 1 in bright brown)

Row 1: chain 3, sc 2 Row 2: inc in each st (4) Row 3: sc along (4) Row 4: dec x 2 (2)


Sew desired accessories on base pouch as pictured. I chose boba tea as it is a favourite drink among us Singaporeans! 🥤


And you're done with your very own custom Tracetogether pouch!

You can also change up the base pouch colour and make other cute characters with this pattern, the possibilities are endless! 💖

Here's a full video tutorial for those who's more of a visual learner:

Hope that you guys enjoyed the tutorial and do tag me in your creations on Instagram (@momo.rave) if you have tried my pattern!




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