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The story of momorave!

Updated: Jun 27

ヾ(๑ㆁᗜㆁ๑)ノ” Hello all!

Welp... this is gonna be a long post but I figured I should put my past works somewhere apart from IG for the memories as I have made so many things...



The start of my crochet journey but I mainly crocheted things for myself and for others.

Alice Nine Fanmeet 2014

Miscellaneous works



This was my Pokemon era. I was obsessed with making all sorts of Pokemon, from number 151 to 300 to 650...

This was the start of my fanart crochet journey, and also selling my stuffs on Carousell and Etsy:

Was into Ghibli too~

Also made birbs of various shapes and sizes:



Officially started selling under my domain internationally along with a ribbon cutting ceremony!

And also started to dapple into more unique designs.

Christmas Series


Also the Pokemon family kept expanding during these few years.



Nebukuro Collection

Mimikyu eeveelutions

Themed Bookmarks for Christmas



This was the year that I started to make themed releases according to months, as I have more time thanks to COVID.

Omamori Series

Lovestruck series

Sleepy Angelic Series

ACNH Custom Amiibo Collection

Merkitty Collection

Fruffrilicious Birbs

Halloween Collection

Tamagotchi Pouches

Pokemon Collection Update:



New Year Series 2021

Love and Fortune

Springtide 2021

Fuwafuwa Series

Bring me home! (Cockatiel themed)

Natsumatsuri Series