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Momorave's Eeveelution Collection


My love for Pokémon and the eeveelution series have perpetuated my passion to create more unique eeveelution variations! Hence I have decided to showcase my eeveelution creations for this post!

2015: Tenori Eeveelutions

This series was my first start to this eeveelution making loop and to date they are still my highest requested product by far. Sadly I don't really take anymore requests for this (unless I feel like it) as I'm tired of making the same shit over and over again 😫

2018: Cupid Eeveelutions

This series wasn't fully completed due to lack of motivation but I might revisit it again just to make the rest of the Cupid Eeveelutions if there's a chance.

2019: Mimikyufied Eeveelutions

This series was an idea that spawned during the Halloween period and also after seeing many fanart of Mimikyufied Pokémon by other artists.

One of the hardest part of this is to get the embroidery right and to position the eyes and mouth nicely 🤔

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