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Photo Editing Tutorial with iPhone!

A feature from Day 13 of my #marchmeetthemaker!

Since many were asking me how I edit my photos, I have decided to make a tutorial about it.

All my photos are taken with my mirrorless camera and edited via my smartphone.

Apps that I use:

-Snapseed for enhancement and colour adjustment

-LINE Camera for cute stickers


Colour enhancement guide:

1) Choose a raw photo that you would like to edit.

This is one of my photos taken with my iPhone 8.

2) These are the common edits that I use on Snapseed:

-Tune image: for brightness/ contrast/ saturation adjustments

-Details: for sharpening

-Curves: for filters

-Crop and rotate: for correcting alignment of photo

-Glamour glow: adds a dreamy effect to your photo

-Lens blur: focuses on your subject and blurs the background (kinda like the aperture function of your camera)

After editing...

The photo definitely looks much better!


Stickers and decoration guide:

1) Open your edited photo on LINE Camera (or other sticker apps out there).

I will use a different photo for this.

2) Paste stickers on strategically located positions...

I usually think of a theme I want for my photo first before adding stickers.

For starters, I tend to use glitter/ sparkle effect on the side of my subject.

I also like to add in message stickers such as greetings, short phrases to give the photos some life.

Do take note the stickers you use will affect the overall theme of the photo!

This photo appears to have a snowy theme with the blue bubbles sticker.

Whereas this photo has a more Christmas looking theme due to the starry stickers.

There‘s no hard or fast rule for photo editing... so do what your imagination leads you to 😂


Samples of my photo edits:

-Pikachu x Eevee Shoujo Manga love story-

-Pokémon Slavery-

-Cannibalistic Mareep-


Hope everyone enjoyed this tutorial!

I will create one about toy photography and positioning next!